#eye #eye

ponyHAUS is mutual-aid hybrid-digital arts and music showcase, serving as a playground to discover and enact practices for showcasing online and irl.


Evie (she/her)

Here for your eyes, Evie (or Evangeline, if you don’t know her like that) makes all the stuff you look at. She’s also overprotective of the spreadsheets & budgets.

Emjay (they/them)

Emjay wrangles the sound and helps it play real nice during the show. They also love making things rhyme with one another and ensure artist communication goes smoothly.

& the team that supports us:

& the organizations and spaces that keep us afloat!

Nara (she/they)

Is currently working on getting her BA and updating the ponyHAUS website :)

Katherine (she/her)
If you’re mean in the chat, Katherine will kick you out. She’s kinda like our digital bouncer.

Kye (he/they)
Kye is a calming force + can also drive.  

Alex (he/him)
Our audio technician behind the scenes. They’re the sole reason you don’t hear us tripping over cords off-stage while performances go on.

Val (she/her)
Putting her film degree to use, Val does it all, from camera ops to wrapping cables. She keeps us in line!
Canada Council For The Arts
We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and are so grateful that their support allows us to pay artists an industry standard for their work.

At the forefront of Toronto’s underground scene in analog and digital filmmaking, hybrid and multidisciplinary experimentation, we’re excited to partner with PIX FILM as our 2022+ performance space. Find out more here.

Victory Social Club
Our first step out of the basement, VSC is an award-winning collaborate space for artists with a killer studio that allows for us to bring in LIVE artists for your viewing pleasure. Find out more here.

Roberthaus Basement
Where we started! We have CERB + a classic Toronto semi-detached rental home with a basement to thank for hosting ponyHAUS’ beginnings.

& our friends forever:

Katrina (she/her)
Bronwen (she/her)

direct all fanmail to: yeehaw@ponyhaus.com ︎